Taking Back New Seasons

Cultivating a more friendly New Seasons​

Seven members of the UFCW New Seasons team stand shoulder to shoulder outdoors, with a blue sky and fluffy clouds behind them. All are wearing UFCW gold shirts and looking at the camera proudly.

New Seasons started locally, offering strong wages and good benefits. But New Seasons was bought by a private entity, and then sold to a company in South Korea. New Seasons is no longer your trusted locally-owned neighborhood grocery store.

Today, New Seasons’ compensation to you is their choice, and can change without your consent. A union contract is binding, and its benefits are negotiated, not arbitrary. Union representation will ensure that you have a voice in the workplace because you and your co-workers help negotiate your pay and benefits, instead of accepting what is given to you.

Without a union, every promise that New Seasons makes to you and your community can be broken. Only you can hold them accountable to their word.

What you can expect when you join UFCW 555:

Fair wages, workplace policies that make sense, retirement, health and welfare coverage, Union representation, and better safety on the job.

hand drawn dollar with leaves growing out


With a union, we will negotiate for better wages, instead of hoping investors from overseas pay you enough to live in the community you serve.

A sketched paper with the scales of justice up top


With a union contract, major changes, like the change to the attendance policy, are negotiated and cannot be changed on the whims of management. 

A hand drawn rocking chair with a large coin featuring a dollar sign resting on the arm


With a union, retirement benefits are negotiated and defined in the contract so you have a benefit you can rely on when you retire.

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Health and Welfare

We will negotiate improved, affordable healthcare and make sure it covers the needs of all of our families.

One hand pulling up another inside a life buoy, helping

Union Representation

Are you being called into a disciplinary meeting? Now you won’t have to go it alone. You can choose to have an advocate to stand with you and protect you from unfair treatment.

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We deserve a safe workplace. Our union will look out for safety by monitoring workplace conditions and working with us to foster a safer New Seasons.

A produce clerk wearing a mask, apron, and hat looks at the camera as he loads broccoli onto the bottom shelf produce wall

Your Local Grocer's Union

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555 represents over 29,000 workers in the Northwest US from across a wide variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. Local 555 is chartered by the UFCW International Union, putting us in the company of over 1.3 million workers across the United States and Canada. Over our 80+ year history, we’ve grown into the single largest private sector union in Oregon and the 11th largest UFCW local in North America. 

Our members are parents, students, and valued community members. We are people who want to be treated with respect for the work we do in our communities. We want to be able to afford our rent and take our families to the doctor when they are sick. We want to ensure our kids have fulfilling childhoods and promising futures. We want what every person wants: the American Dream.

UFCW is fighting for New Seasons workers to be able to take back their lives!

Unionizing With UFCW Means:

  • Higher wages & regular raises
  • Better retirement benefits
  • Enhanced safety protections
  • Union representation and grievance process
  • More expansive and affordable healthcare
  • More paid vacation, holidays, & sick days

Members automatically gain access to:

  • Free GED Program
  • Discounts on home insurance, travel, phone service, and more
  • Free foreign language program
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